If You're Busy And Fed Up With Long, Boring, Tedious Workouts That DON'T Get You The Results You're Looking For And You Have A Love For Kettlebell Training... 
Does The Idea Of Doing Short, 10 Minute Or Less Daily Workouts That Quickly SHRED Body Fat And Forge A Lean, Strong, And Athletic Physique Seem IMPOSSIBLE? 
Well, I'm Not Only here To Tell You It Is Possible, But I've Got The Exact System That Can Help You Get The Body You Want Which Only Requires A single Kettlebell And Nothing More...
If you LOVE training with Kettlebells and you've been searching for...
  • A SOLUTION to help you break out of a rut, get MORE done in LESS time while taking your body and performance to a new level... 
  • A way to accelerate your results and change up your current routine to give it an extra “boost” of energy and excitement...
  •  A very unique and highly effective way to use Kettlebells that's not only challenging, effective, but a whole lot of fun as well... 
If you Said “YES” to any of the above, you owe it to yourself to continuing reading on about the exciting information I have for you below. 
Hello and welcome.

My name is Travis Stoetzel. 

I'm an ex pro-athlete, strength coach, kettlebell training expert, and have owned a gym in Omaha Nebraska for nearly a decade now which has resulted in giving me the opportunity to work with 1000's of clients over time.

Today, I’m excited to share with you a system that has helped well over 1000 men (and women) slash an average of 3 to even 4% of body fat off their body while also building powerful muscle and strength in as little as 30 days time.  

This is something that has made an amazing impact on a lot of people lives including my own, one that I've been implementing inside of my gym and with online clients now with some pretty incredible results and… 

With the success of this new program, I’ve finally decided to unleash the info and share this amazing system with the world outside of my gym and personal 1 on 1 coaching clients.

This is like nothing you’ve ever seen before and I can’t wait to dig into the details just a bit more.

I’ll get into it all here in a second…
Let Me Tell You About How I First Got Into Kettlebells…
Reason I want to share this with you is because I think it’s important for you to know – and I want you to hear about how I originally created this special program.

I could of course start off by telling you more about how I was a professional athlete and hold a degree in Exercise Science and have held certs with NSCA-CSCS and NASM-CPT... 

But to be honest, none of those “credentials” really even matter and I'm sure that you don't even care (or should you). 

What you should care about are the years and years of real world, person-to-person experience I have with training clients just like you within my gym and online.

What YOU care about is getting RESULTS and getting results as QUICK as possible.  

Am I right?

THE TRUTH...  There is  NO degree or special cert out there that can come close in comparison to the actual real world experience I've got working with clients.

And from all of the real world experience I have, this is where I've discovered a very common theme amongst my athletes and clients.

This “theme”?

Not everyone has a TON of time to train nor does everyone want to spend their life in the gym trying to achieve results.

And it wasn’t until I got married, we had our first daughter, and was running two different fitness businesses that I too found out just how limited my time was.

The days of hitting hour long training sessions whenever I felt like it weren’t going to happen any longer. 

And even though I had my own gym and was now my own boss, I still didn’t have all the time in the world to train. 

So that’s when I knew I had to create something that I could quickly do that didn't require a ton of equipment.

And not only that, but I knew I needed create short, effective workouts that would…

  • Increase Powerful and Athletic Strength So You'd Feel Like Your In Your Early 20's Again
  • Build Muscle That Would Fill Out Your Shirt To Give You That Lean-Ripped Look But NOT Too Huge Like A Puffy Bodybuilder
  • Shred Off Body Fat To The Point Where People Would Think "You're Cheating" Or You Were On Some Crazy Diet 
  • Allow You To Wake Up NOT Feeling So Damn Stiff, Sore, and Tired But Instead More Mobile, Flexible, and Limber
These were the goals that I (and my clients) were all after, so I wanted to make sure that the workouts I created would cater to these ultimate wants and desires.  

And not only cater to the goals I mentioned above, but to help improve two very important things...


So instead of just trying to “look good”, it was about “feeling good” as well.

And with my background coming from athletics, performance had always been a key focus for me and with the results I’ve helped produce with my athletes and clients over the years, it was something that came natural to me in helping create.

Because when you focus in on PERFORMANCE and overall ATHLETICISM, everything else just follows suit.

In other words, you get the BEST of all worlds…

**You get stronger, leaner, more mobile and athletic which in turn gives you more confidence, vigor, energy, and overall health**

It’s fantastic and from what I’ve discovered, there’s not a better, more effective and simple tool to use than the kettlebell…
How A Hunk Of Iron With A Handle On It Literally Changed My Life Forever...
The first time I touched a kettlebell was when I attended a weekend strength and conditioning workshop at a private gym in New Jersey.  

At this workshop we aggressively dug into kettlebells and I'll tell you now, they straight up humbled me at first.

But, just after 5 minutes, I was HOOKED.

And within an hour it wasn't hard to see how much I could do with just single kettlebell.
So, when I returned home after the workshop, I quickly bought my first kettlebell and never looked back.

And I'd train with my kettlebell pretty much anywhere and everywhere...  

At the park, in my backyard, my garage, basement. 

And it didn't take long before I fully stocked my gym with kettlebells for my clients to use.

In fact, I can remember the day well when I went to pick up 20+ different kettlebells from a local sporting goods store to haul over to my gym...

I'll tell you right now...  my Jeep was low-riding that day!  

It was all worth it and then some... 

How Kettlebells Help transform My Clients And Athlete's Lives Forever...
So, not long after discovering just how powerful kettlebell training was, that's when I went to the drawing board to figure up a way I could implement them into a quick and effective, everyday type routine.

What I came up with was a system based around workouts that'd only take 10 minutes (or less) to complete and could be done with just a single kettlebell and just your bodyweight.

But, where the real power was within this special system was in how I strategically programmed out the daily routines. 

This Specialized "Daily KB RX" Made The Ultimate Difference That Went Something Like...
  • Day 1 - STRENGTH RX - To Build Stronger Arms, Shoulders, Back, Legs, and Full Body Strength
  • Day 2 - Challenge "Benchmark" RX - To Test The Body and Mind While Also Providing A Great Source Of Motivation Via Progression and Tracking
  • Day 3 - Mobility / Recovery RX - To Hit An Areas That Is 9 Out Of 10 Times MISSED In Most Programming To Help Improve Your Ability To Move Better As An Athlete AND Come Back FASTER From Hard Workouts
  • Day 4 - Conditioning RX - To Help Build Up Your Cardio and Stamina, Muscular-Endurance, As Well As SHRED Fat To Get You LEAN and MEAN 
  • Day 5 - Core RX - Because Abs Right??  Who Doesn't Want A Chiseled Set Of Abs That Aren't Only Good Looking But Also Solid As A Rock Too!
  • Day 6 - "Loaded" Conditioning RX - A Unique "Hybrid" KB Style Of Training That Combines Stability, Core, and Movement All Into ONE Challenging Set Up 
  • Day 7 - "Meta-STRENGTH" RX - Gives You the BEST of Both Worlds By Combining BOTH Strength And Conditioning RX Together For DOUBLE The Benefit  
A first glance,  maybe the set up above doesn't look like anything special,  but I can assure you that once you give it a go, you’ll become a true believer of just how well this strategically designed set up works wonder for your results (and you'll more than likely get a bit addicted). 

You'll get the intensity you need and the challenge you want while hitting your body from head to toe within a short amount of time, and with only one simple piece of equipment, a kettlebell!  

Here are a just few of the many benefits you can Get From Training With A Single Kettlebell:
  • Shred Off Nasty, Unwanted Body fat Around Your Midsection So You Can Finally Stop Worrying About That "Spare Tire" And Instead See Abs!
  • Build A Lean, Powerful, and Athletic Physique That Not Only Looks Amazing, But PERFORMS Just As Amazing As Well
  • Increase Strength and Blast Through Frustrating Training Plateaus 
  • Improve Your Mobility and Flexibility While Also Curing Nasty Aches and Pains So You Can Stop Feeling So Stiff, Tight, and Sore 
  • Gain A New Found "Energy" As If You Were In Your Teen's or 20's Agains While Also Building A New Overall Motivation For Training 
TRUTH IS, the type of workout I was following and having my clients go through became a major hit (probably one of my most popular programs of all time).

Both my clients in the gym and online, simply became addicted to these fast an effective routines.

And when I started seeing the results this system was able to produce, I knew I couldn't keep it to myself any longer.

So, that's why I decided to put everything I created within this quick and intense system all into a single program.

Which is what I want to introduce to you now...
The "Daily Kettlebell RX" (Or What My Clients Like To Call, "10 Minute Daily Dose Of IRON")...
This Unique system is packed full of quick hitting 10-Minute Or LESS Kettlebell And Bodyweight ONLY Training Routines, But Here's What You Ought To Know...
  • It requires very LITTLE EQUIPMENT (Just your bodyweight and only a SINGLE Kettlebell) - NOT a full fledge gym with all the fancy bells and whistles
  • It requires very little TIME on your part (No "daily dose" lasts longer than 10 mins from start to finish) - If you've got 10 minutes, you've got enough time to get RESULTS!
  • It's probably one of my BEST and most SIMPLISTIC PROGRAMS I've ever created (and I've created a LOT) which means it's EASY to follow and understand, NOT complicate and overwhelming like most programs are
  • It's all PROGRESSIVELY and STRATEGICALLY built "MINIMALIST" style workouts (that will help you achieve better results than you've probably seen in 2+ years!) so instead of worrying about getting injured or banged up, you'll see steady and consistent RESULTS
Here's a Quick Sample...
Here's What's Inside The "Daily KB RX Training System"
Component #1 KB RX - Phase 1.0 - Gives You 30 Days OF 10 Minute Ot LESS Routines + Private Coaching Video Demos
Each day begins with me sending you a power-packed, 10-minute or less KB RX routine right to your email inbox.  

But, instead of just sending you over my power-packed "Daily KB RX" workouts on their own, to make sure you know exactly how to execute these short and effective daily doses of IRON, you'll also get an in-depth PRIVATE coaching demo video with each and every routine.

There will be ZERO guess work involved on your end.

No trying to "figure things out on your own".

Just watch the short videos, and put in the work.
Component #2 - Direct Access to me, Travis Stoetzel Via Personal "Daily Kettlebell RX" PRIVATE Email
YES! I have created a special PRIVATE email account that will cater to my "Daily Dose of IRON" peeps ONLY which means if/when you need my help, all you have to do is hit "SEND" and I'll be at your side for full support! 

Due to my incredibly busy schedule, I simply don’t have the time to participate in discussions anywhere and everywhere other than inside of my private coaching communities and with my online coaching clients, so when you're apart of my "Daily Dose of IRON" system, you'll get my priority focus as a privilege.
Component #3 - The Ultimate Kettlebell Movement Video Coaching Vault 
Videos in the Ultimate KB Vault Include:
  • The KB Swing - From The Russian To American Swing
  • KB Snatch Progressions / Regressions
  • KB Clean Progressions / Regressions
  • KB Squats and Beyond
  • The Turkish Get Up
  • The "ALL-In-One" KB Clean and Press
  • The KB Overhead Pressing Series
  • Double KB Movements
  • KB Split Squat Progressions
  • KB Deadlifts
Since I want to make sure you know exactly how to do each movement...  As an additional BONUS, you'll also get special access to my complete "Ultimate Kettlebell Video Vault" which goes into deep detail on all of the basic to advanced Kettlebell movements so you can make sure you execute each of the movements correctly for the BEST results possible.

Form and Technique are critical and I'll show you exactly what you need to do.
In Addition to The KB RX System, I've Also Included Some SPECIAL BONUSES Just For You...
BONUS #1 - “The 21-Day SHRED Protocol”
This special 21-Day nutrition protocol is all designed to re-optimize your body to help get it firing on all cylinders.

You'll naturally bump up testosterone levels, increase natural growth hormone, and level out your insulin levels which will help with...

Shredding fat, building muscle, increasing energy and performance...

All with an easy, done-for-you, follow-along nutrition blueprint.

ALSO your's 100% FREE when you take action today.
BONUS #2 - The IRON Warrior Challenge
To help push and accelerate your results ahead, you’ll get access to a special “Iron Warrior” Challenge that you’ll test at the beginning of each phase, then again at the end to re-assess and test your progress.

This has been proven to help keep you accountable and when you’re more accountable, you’ll get better, faster results.

PLUS, these IRON Warrior Challenges keep things interesting and FUN.
BONUS #3 - KB RX "Hybrid Strength" Programming
In addition to the 10 Minute or LESS Daily Doses of IRON you’ll receive, you will also get exclusive access to the HYBRID Strength Program which will supply you with 4 weeks worth of programming that’s been strategically designed to be used side-by-side with KB RX.

None of the workouts require more than a set of KB’s and your bodyweight and if you have a barbell, you’ll be able to implement it in as well if you so choose.

This makes the KB RX System a FULL fledged program that will certainly help you accelerate shredding off unwanted body fat while also building lean muscle and strength
BONUS #4 - Access To The PRIVATE Coaching Academy 
Within this exclusive Private Facebook Coaching Group, you’ll not only get to connect with other like-minded warrior's who will also be going through The Daily KB RX routines as well, but you’ll get special access to high-level coaching to help push you above and beyond.

Having access to an exclusive group such as this will push you above and beyond plus you’ll have exclusive access to me, Travis Stoetzel for any and ALL of your questions regarding The Daily KB RX System, training , nutrition, or ANY thing else you need help with. This BONUS alone could easily sell for $297 / month (and does) and you’re getting it FREE just for taking FAST ACTION!
My KB RX Training System is Absolutely PACKED To ENSURE Your SUCCESS...
  • PHASE 1.0 of KB RX - Full 30-Days Worth Of 10 Minute or LESS "Daily Kettlebell RX" Workouts sent to you via PRIVATE message each and every day ($57 Value)
  • In-Depth, Step-By-Step, Coaching Demo Videos which will be like having Travis right there next to me coaching me every single day during the Daily Doses of IRON ($47 Value)
  • Daily In-Depth Coaching Via Access To My PRIVATE "Daily KB RX" Email for unlimited support, guidance, and accountability ($27 Value)
  • Exclusive Access To The Ultimate Kettlebell Movement Video Coaching Vault to ensure you know exactly how to execute every single advanced to beginner kettlebell movement inside the "Daily Dose of IRON" routines ($47 Value)
  • BONUS #1 - Access To The 21-Day SHRED Protocol to help you drop fat fast, re-optimize your body to maximize your results ($47 Value)
  • BONUS #2 - Access To The "IRON WARRIOR Challenge" to help push you out of your comfort zone for accelerated results ($27 Value)
  • BONUS #3 - Access To KB RX "HYBRID Strength" Programming which gives a FULL fledged program that will certainly help you accelerate shredding off unwanted body fat while also building lean muscle and strength ($47 Value)
  • BONUS #4 - Access To The Aggressive Strength Academy for all of the extra support, accountability, and extra motivation you could ever need ($97 Value)
Can you imagine having a routine to do for EVEYY single day?  Well, you can get it NOW right here!
So, How Much Is The Investment To Become A "KB RX WARRIOR" Today?
 Well, With All The Powerful Resources And Bonuses You'll Be Getting Inside KB RX, This Could Easily Go For $97. However, Since It's My MISSION To Get This Amazing System Into As Many Hands As Possible, I Figured Making It UNDER A $1 Per Day Investment Would Be Super Affordable For Anyone Serious About Taking Action...

So, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, I Decided To Go Offer A Deal That Just Couldn't Be Refused... So, For The Time Being (Until I Fix My Crazy Head For Doing This So Cheap) You Can Get A Full 30-Day Dose Of KB RX For ONLY .90 Cents A Day!!
Normally $97
Some Of The Feedback From KB RX "Addicts"
My NO BS 110% Money Back Guarantee...
Because I want to make you feel a bit better, I've made this into a ZERO-RISK offer to you. 

You have a full 30 days to test the program out and see for yourself that my KB RX System will be an awesome fit and that it works. 

If you’re unhappy for any reason, you’ll get a full refund – no questions asked!
Once Inside, KB RX Will Grant You INSTANT ACCESS To The Exclusive "Daily Doses Of Iron", In-Depth Demo Videos, Private Coaching Community, And All Upcoming "KB RX Warrior's ONLY" BONUSES... 
My Goal For YOU Is Simple...
To supply you with a simple, clear-cut way to get in quick and effective workouts for when you need them most.

It's also to help YOU cut through the BS that's out there so you can stop wasting your time while putting an end to your stress and frustration.

I’m going to guide you, step-by-step and day-by-day through your entire transformation so you can get the results you want (and deserve).

You just got to TAKE ACTION.

Here's A Quick Recap Of Everything You're Getting Today Within ANY Of The Packages You Choose...
  • PHASE 1.0 of KB RX - 30-Days Worth Of 10 Minute or LESS ($97 Value)
  • In-Depth, Step-By-Step, Coaching Demo Videos  ($47 Value)
  • Daily In-Depth Coaching ($97 Value)
  • The Ultimate Kettlebell Movement Video Coaching Vault ($47 Value)
  • BONUS #1 - Access To The 21-Day SHRED Protocol ($47 Value)
  • BONUS #2 - Access To The "IRON WARRIOR Challenge" ($37 Value)
  • BONUS #3 - Access To KB RX "HYBRID Strength" ($67 Value)
  • BONUS #4 - Access To The Aggressive Strength Academy ($97 Value)
Thanks and I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside! 
PS – Remember, there’s ZERO-RISK on your part in giving my "Daily Kettlebell RX" system a go.

After you give it an honest effort – if it isn’t all you thought it would be and more, let me know and I'll hook you up with a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.
PPS – If you’re looking to shred fat, gain muscle, and get into the best shape of your life … and do it with short workouts you can do at home in 10 minutes or less … the Daily Kettlebell RX is for you!

PPPS - Got Questions?  Here's Some Answers...

Q - What Equipment Will I need?
A - As I've listed out many times before, all you need includes:
-Your Bodyweight
-A Single Kettlebell

That's it!
Q - Do I need to Start this program ASAP? What if I’m doing another program right now??
A - No worries here.

My Daily Doses of IRON were designed to either work with your current program OR can be used as stand-alone workouts themselves.

Since they only last 10 minutes or less, you'll be more than fine.
Q - How many workouts are there total and how many are there a week?
A - Since there's 7 Days in a Week - you'll be getting 7 "Daily Doses of IRON" per week - Monday thru Sunday ;)

Something for EVERYDAY of the week!

Pretty sick huh?
HURRY As This Amazing Opportunity Won't Be Around For Long...

Normally $97 --> Today ONLY $27
Become A "KB RX WARRIOR" Today!
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TRUTHFULLY Though... Unfortunately, This Isn't For Everyone, So Here's How to know if "Minimalist STRENGTH" Is NOT For You...
  • You’re wanting a TON of info via long, drawn-out descriptions with full breakdowns of human anatomy in which will have you reading for hours VS not spending that time training and getting sh*t done 
  • You’re a complete newbie to Kettlebell Training, Olympic Lifting, or Basic Strength Training (I give regressions for everything and supply you with plenty of support and resources, but you’ll want to have the basics down with the you squat and cleans, and KB swings, ect) 
  • You “say” you’re serious, but then you usually come up with BS set of EXCUSES for when it comes down to taking the action you need to achieve results 
  • And… If you’re someone that says “I don’t have the extra time to train”, but that’s just a cover up for “I just don’t want to train”... Minimalist STRENGTH is NOT for you. 
And..  as noted above, since you're on this page right now, you have a special opportunity to grab "Minimalist STRENGTH" at a BIG discounted rate.

But, before I drop the details on what the exact investment will be for you as a fast action taker, let me give you an idea of what the TRUE VALUE is of what you're getting here.
First off, if you were to get a fully customized 1-on-1 program designed by me, that’d cost you right around $297 / month x 3 months (and with that I require at least a 3 month commitment to become a part of)
That of course comes with a TON of in-depth support and “on your ass” type accountability, which is something you'll not be getting with this program here.
However, you will still get support from me directly if needed, but not my full 1 on 1 attention that my personal 1-on-1 coaching clients get..
That’s a good thing because it’s the reason WHY I’ve made this bundle of joy such a cheaper investment for you.

This is six weeks worth of programming, all of which can easily serve you for the rest of your life or for at least the next couple of years to come (when you factor in all of the forms of progression you can use with the different sessions).
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