ATTENTION: If You're Busy And Keeping Yourself In TOP SHAPE Is A Major Priority To You But You Just Don't Feel Like You Have The Time, Don't Know Exactly What To Do, Nor Do You Have Access To A Gym... Keep Reading Because I Have A POWERFUL Yet SIMPLE Solution For You...
Discover How These Fast And Effective Kettlebell Routines That You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere Will Get You Leaner, Stronger, & Fitter In Just 24 Mins or Less
From: the laptop of Travis Stoetzel
Kettlebell Strength Coach
Owner, The Forged Athlete Gym
7th Fittest 35-39 Year Old Male In The World (2018 Crossfit Games)

Dear Fellow Driven Human,

If you LOVE training with kettlebells and you're looking to:

✔️ Shred unwanted body fat 
✔️ Gain powerful strength
✔️ Build lean, functional muscle
✔️ Improve your daily energy and stamina
✔️ Achieve a high level of fitness

And you want to do it without having to spend your life in a gym or go on some strict BS diet, I created this program SPECIFICALLY for you.

You see, I GET IT.

Life is BUSY and things can get to be quite hectic.

And when life gets crazy, our 'fitness' is typically the first thing that gets put on the back burner.
As I'm sure you've already experienced , when you're not careful, you can find yourself way out of shape.

It's like you wake up one morning and after you take a pee and you're standing there looking at yourself in the mirror, you see a freakin' guy with a 'DAD BOD' starring back at you.

And maybe you're not even a DAD, but yet you see your body has morphed into something that you're NOT proud of.

And despite your WANT to desperately get into shape... you feel there just isn't enough time.

Carving out extra minutes in the day doesn't seem like a lot, but it is!

Like you, I have a LOT to do on a daily basis with all sorts of different priorities to juggle including work, family, and personal life.

What ultimately led me to create this program, was the day I became a DAD... 
If you're a DAD (or even a MOM), I'm sure you can relate with me when I say that my life was changed forever.

I was no longer just in-charge of my own well-being but now, I had a little girl (now 3 girls) to take care of.

That's when my health and fitness became a much BIGGER priority to me.


Because I knew that being healthy, fit and energized would only help me be an even BETTER DAD.

Plus, I didn't want be the guy who never had energy or was so out of shape that his health was starting to be of concern.

I already knew guys like that and it wasn't good as it was taking a huge a toll on their family and professional life.

So I made the COMMITMENT to never let myself slip, even with how "busy" I got with all of the daily to-do's I needed to get done.

So the question then became, "HOW"??

How would I maintain my fitness and still be able to complete all of the extra priorities I had just brought on wth having a daughter??
That's when I went to the drawing board and starting to design up short, but effective workout routines I could do at home with just my bodyweight and a set of kettlebells.

And that's what brings me to sharing with you the specific method I used to help keep myself (and 1000's of other people) in check, even when I had little to no time to train.

The Exact Workout System
Back in my football days and even after I was done playing ball, I used to train for hours on end every day.

After all, I had my own gym so I could use it pretty much when ever I wanted to.

Plus I had the free time to hit 90-120 minute workouts, and they worked.

BUT - with a wife, a new baby girl at home, a gym to run, plus 100's of online coaching clients to attend to... I simply did not have the time to work out for hours on end every day.

Actually, I really only had a MAX of 60 mins a day, typically only 30 minutes if I was lucky.

So, thats went I had to really brain-storm up a way I could get things done QUICK, without sacrificing my results at the same time.

What I ended up with was a fast-paced, super effective, HYBRID style workout program that could be done 3-4 days per week, using only kettlebells and your own bodyweight.

Creating the workouts was one thing, putting them to actual use was a whole other type of monster in itself.

And to be honest, I was highly skeptical at the beginning, mainly because it was a TOTALLY different style of training that I had done before, but I put the system to use either way.

-As a funny side note: when I tested this thing out, I did ALL of the workouts within my Garage (hence the name) -

Bottom line...  It's WORKED!  

And not only did it work for me, it worked for a LOT of other people as well.

And now I have put the whole plan into a complete system...
INTRODUCING: The Garage Built Body
The GARAGE BUILT BODY TRAINING SYSTEM is the one and only training program specifically designed to help you build muscle and shred fat in less time then it takes you to watch you favorite TV show.

Prepare yourself as after you discover what this system can do, you’re going to transform into a complete machine while ending your frustrations of NOT seeing noticeable and fast results.

Seriously though, this kick ass program is designed with the most cutting-edge training principles in mind that will save you a TON of time and money in not forcing you to go to the gym or needing a ton of extra expensive equipment in order to get the results you want.

In addition, The Garage Built Body goes well beyond your typical “HIIT” workouts that you see popping up around every corner because not only will GBB help with getting you STRONG as hell, it will also yield accelerated fat loss helping you construct that chiseled, warrior-like physique.
STOP Stressing And START Seeing The Gains In Ripped Muscle And Powerful Strength You Work Your Ass Off In Your Workouts For…
With GBB, you’re going to transform your body both physically and mentally.

And it’s this kind of program you’d find people putting themselves through in their backyards, dark basements, local playgrounds, hardcore garage gym set up, or in the corner of the globo gym away from all the “normal” fitness folk – someone who loves to push the envelope when it comes to training and pushing their body to the ultimate test.

From a high level of conditioning to powerful strength… to lightening-quick agility and insane amounts athleticism… You’ll build it all and you can do this anywhere with minimal equipment and just a small bit of time!

And, with the strategically designed set up of The GBB System, you’ll not have to worry about getting injured or getting run down from lack of programming like most “HIIT” style workouts have as you’re body will become “GARAGE BUILT”, forged to be mobile, agile, and highly athletic. with an engine that doesn’t stop!

So, just imagine how it’s going to feel when you look all the progress you’ve made plus see and feel the physical results you achieved – just because you stuck with it, put in the work, and transformed yourself into a GARAGE BUILT BADASS!

Pretty damn exciting huh?

The GARAGE BUILT BODY is a program that designed around hard work via super intense training and advanced workout set ups that will not only transform you physically, but mentally as well.

You’ll be stronger, more conditioned, powerful, and have a tough as hell, “NEVER QUIT” type of mindset.
Let Me Tell You About How To Become 'Garage Built'...
First and foremost, the GARAGE BUILT BODY (GBB) requires only a set of kettlebells (or dumbbells), your own bodyweight, a pull up bar, and 30 minutes or less of your time.

And you can forget about having to pay for a monthly membership to an overcrowded gym that’s probably at least 20 or more minutes away from your house…

…As the GBB System is designed around using only a set of kettlebells (or dumbbells), your own bodyweight, and a pull up bar that’s made up of 25 unique workouts that can be followed progressively over 15 weeks that will FORGE YOU into an all around BADASS.

I use the word “GARAGE BUILT” because that’s exactly what you’ll become – rough, tough, and as hard as rock — you’ll be able to smash through a brick wall, and demolish any sort of athletic endeavor that happens to get in your way…

You’re going to get into top shape from ALL angles because I’m going to help YOU progressively get there overtime.

Sprint, run, jump, push, climb, carry, pull, crawl… You’ll be ready for all out Fitness War if there happens to be one because you’ll be built to last!
And whether you compete in sports or do any sort of competitive challenges, you’ll be more then ready to take on anything that comes your way as you’ll be in the BEST shape of your life.

And you’re going to sit back and chuckle at those that continue to crank out their “normal” and “random” HIIT training routines, still working their butts off 6-7 days a week while continuing to stay the same.

And in the end, when you go out in public, people will be able to tell you’re “Garage Built” by just the way you look plus walk around and carry yourself.
Here’s Some Of The “Nasty-Little Secrets” You’re Going To Be Unleashing Within The Garage Built Body…
  •  Why just doing “High Intensity Interval Training” isn’t enough to produce the results you want and if that’s all you focus on doing will only get you WEAK and SMALL in the end.
  •  How specialized “Density Acclimation Training” will help explode your gains in athletic muscle and strength, giving you the power you want and need in order to transform into a human wrecking machine.
  •  How adding in a special type of “Strength-Repeat Sets” within your workout routines will unleash new gains in explosive muscle and beast-like athletic strength so that you can last longer within your workouts while continuing train heavy from start to finish
  •  Why you’ll not only shred fat off your body all while gaining more muscle and strength because you’ll understand how to move through the progressively build “LM2” method of programming within GBB…
Going A Bit Into More Detail, You’re Going To Uncover…
  •  The proper progressions of strategic interval training that will explode the fat shredding potential and performance of everything else you do, not just to burn fat!
  • ​The progressive and most effective way to do interval resistance training and why doing it The Garage Built Way, you’ll not only shred fat off your body, you’ll become a highly conditioned machine…
  • ​How to embrace “The SUCK Factor” which will serve as another important key in pushing you above and beyond your typical results
  • ​The perfect program design set up for a shredded and cut up physique that’s also highly functional and athletic – not bulky, huge, and puffy like a bodybuilder or skinny and weak like a runner…
  • ​How to DOUBLE your gains in highly explosive strength and power all while cutting your workout time down in half (in fact you’ll never train more than 24 mins!)…
  • ​Lethal Combos of advanced bodyweight training and explosive Kettlebell movements that will not only get you more athletic and functional – but will improve your overall strength and endurance
  • ​The “Speed-Shred” method of strength and cardio infused training – and why most “HIIT” only cardio based programs will only get you so far…
  • ​2 Unique and Highly Effective 3 minute “Garage Built Battle Prep Routines” that will not only help you get ready to crush your routines, but will build up more joint mobility and stability... while also increasing your overall athleticism, and helping you shred more fat…
  • ​“The Lightening Quick Cool Down Routine” that pretty much NO ONE does which will help speed up the recovery process so you can get back into the gym faster to train harder for more continued progress.
These important training approaches when properly blended together into the 15 Week Progressively-Designed Garage Built Body Training System will be the “go-to” program for people wanting transform their physique, unleash untapped strength and muscle, and most importantly – Become GARAGE BUILT WITHOUT even needing access to a GYM!

And in addition to saving time and money, you’ll not need excessive access to a ton of equipment! In fact, all you’ll need are a set of kettlebells (or dumbbells), your own bodyweight and a pull up bar….

Check Out The REAL RESULTS...
I’ve Taken The BEST of the BEST In Programming For More Strength, Muscle, And Fat Loss With Specialized Workouts That Only Last 24 Minutes Or LESS, Require Only A Set Of Kettlebells (NO GYM NEEDED) And Have Put It All Into One Step-By-Step System…
Here's what's inside:

Main Systems Manual

With the main Garage Built Body Training Manual, you’ll discover exactly how you’ll be building more strength and powerful muscle, all while shredding more fat all at once… In short, you’ll uncover the method to the mayhem behind my “Lean Muscle Matrix” method of training which you’ll be using to transform yourself into a complete “Garage Built” BADASS.

I take you through all the in’s and out’s of my specialized Garage Built System so you’ll know exactly what to expect as you’re going through your 15 week transformation.

The Garage Built Body 15 Week Training Guide

Within the GBB 15 Week Training Guide, you’ll get access to ALL of the 25 unique and specialized workouts complete with regressions and progressions to suit your exact fitness level.

This is where you’ll start your journey in becoming a Garage Built BEAST.

Within these workouts, you’ll unleash the power of my specialized “Lean Muscle Matrix” that will supply you with gains in lean muscle, powerful strength, and insane amount of conditioning all while getting you lean and mean.

The Garage Built Body FAST ACTION Check List

All great journeys must begin with a PLAN and when it comes to getting BADASS results, you’ve got to be prepared.

With this special Garage Built Body Fast Action Checklist, you’ll be more than ready to dig in and get after it after you go through the step-by-step guide which will help you make sure you have everything you need in order to get the most out this program.

With this checklist, you’ll not only be preparing to train, but you’ll be prepping yourself to be ready for everything you do OUTSIDE of the gym as well.

Bottom Line – You must be PREPARED – The Fast-Start Checklist will make sure you’re 110% READY.

The Garage Built Body Video Coaching Demos + Progression Videos

My goal with the Garage Built Body is to make sure that you kick the most ass as possible with my program so I wanted to make sure I make it the most adaptable program for you as possible. 

With this, I’ve included in-depth, comprehensive instructional demo videos not only covering each of the 25 Garage Built Body Workouts but for well over 40 of the different exercise and movements used within the program. I go over regressions, progressions, as well as typical mistakes and exactly how to fix them for the best results possible. These videos are like having a private one-on-one training session with me in your home — at a fraction of the $150 per hour price tag I charge for my one-on-one clients…

Garage Built Body “Daily Battle Plan” Workout Sheets

When it comes to recording your workouts, there are NO excuses as to why you shouldn’t do so. And if you want to BEST results possible, this is a must.  Why? Because these “Daily Battle Plans” will serve as a guide in helping YOU know exactly what records you’ve set in the past so you can destroy them in the future.  Because it’s ALL about progress.

I’ve always had great success with keeping track of my workouts on paper so I’ve made it super easy for you to do so with these “Daily Battle Plans”. Just print them off so you can have them right there with you when you go to war with your GBB workouts.  These are the exact type of logs I used to become successful with my own training — and what I’ve used to help my most successful clients get the fat-burning, muscle-building results they seek.

Every individual workout has it’s own log sheet, so you can track your progress and see your results.

Garage Built Body “Daily Battle Plan” Workout Sheets

When it comes to recording your workouts, there are NO excuses as to why you shouldn’t do so. And if you want to BEST results possible, this is a must.  Why? Because these “Daily Battle Plans” will serve as a guide in helping YOU know exactly what records you’ve set in the past so you can destroy them in the future.  Because it’s ALL about progress.

I’ve always had great success with keeping track of my workouts on paper so I’ve made it super easy for you to do so with these “Daily Battle Plans”. Just print them off so you can have them right there with you when you go to war with your GBB workouts.  These are the exact type of logs I used to become successful with my own training — and what I’ve used to help my most successful clients get the fat-burning, muscle-building results they seek.

Every individual workout has it’s own log sheet, so you can track your progress and see your results.
PLUS...  I've Added In Some

BONUS #1 - Beyond Garage Built Body – The Combination Training Guide

Although The Garage Built Body was designed to be super effective at getting you amazing results on it’s own, it never fails that I get asked from people who want to add in other forms of training. Since these workouts are only 24 minutes or less, if you have the time this special guide shows you how to best use other forms of training in combination with GBB like Olympic Lifting, Power / Strength Training, Bodybuilding, Strongman, Running, and more.

BONUS #2 - The Bodyweight ONLY Training Manual

One of the most common excuses I hear from guys who miss workouts is that they didn't have access to a gym.  Well, with this BONUS manual, you'll never have to make that excuse again!  Inside the Bodyweight ONLY BONUS GBB manual, you'll get access to another 12 powerful workouts that require NO equipment at all.  You can use these workouts literally anywhere at anytime to keep you progressing ahead and on track.  
So, What’s The Garage Built Body Training System Truly Worth?
Here I’ve got to be 110% honest with you…

This is the same step-by-step system I’ve personally used in order build more strength, get ripped, and take my training to the next level, despite not having more than 30 minutes a day to train. 

Plus I’ve used this exclusive program with personal coaching clients whom it also helped transform into powerful, lean and mean machines (just look at the testimonials)

The only “catch”… well now it’s up to YOU to make the decision to TAKE ACTION.

If you’re still reading, then I know you’re ready for this…

…And the truth is, you’ve already taken the first few steps – you’ve seen the PROOF that this powerful program has in getting you results and I’ve already uncovered the biggest barriers that are standing in your way, keeping you from having the strong and lean body you want.

And I’m making it easy to keep going right now to start your “Garage Built” transformation today…

Because right now, you can save 50% OFF of what I was going to price this out at normally which was $97, but today you can get instant access to the full Garage Built Body System for just ONE payment of $47 (SPECIAL LIMITED TIME SALE)!

I’m not going to mess around with the price and say it should be this much or that much or not even this much…

And I’m not about to hit you up with a bunch of total salesman bullsh*t hype-talk here – It’s just one low investment of  $47 and it’s includes everything you need to get rolling today, no secret back-end / surprise payments.

Because with GBB, you don’t need some special pill, pack of supplements, or a personal trainer to get started. All you need to do is make the decision right now because GBB has got you covered from start to finish.

Enough with the lousy EXCUSES!

There are NO “acceptable” excuses that exists…

It’s time to get committed and take the next steps forward towards CRUSHING your goals.

Normally $97 Today ONLY $47
Now, let me make something very clear…
NOT Everyone Was Meant To 'Garage Built'
With this in mind, there’s something that you need to understand before we go any further…

Transforming yourself into a complete Garage Built Badass isn’t going to happen over night or in just a few workouts (like a lot of 'coaches' and 'programs' out there proclaim).

Not Even Close…

The truth is it’s going to take some hard work, commitment and a whole lot more than just going through a thrown-together batch of HIIT style workouts to get there.

I’m not about “quick fixes” because the honest truth about it is, there are NO “quick fixes” and if that’s what you were looking for here on this page, go ahead and click out of this window because you’re NOT going to find any type of quick fix here.

I’m here to unleash the blueprint that will show you exactly how to train the right way in order to get the BEST results in the fastest time possible.

The guys that know this and accept this truth are the guys out there currently walking around as lean, strong, highly athletic BADASS’ already.

What separates these guys (and gals) from the others out there is the fact that they know and understand one major concept…
It will take HARD WORK.
Just know that it will be the journey you go through while putting in this hard work that will be the most rewarding and fun of all.

Nothing great ever came to those that want “easy” and weren’t willing to work hard…

If anyone ever tells you that you’ll be able to achieve the body of your dreams with the ability to perform at a high level in just a few workouts a week, run in the other direction as fast as you can because this person is LYING to you.

When it comes to transforming yourself from the inside out, in all honesty, not many guys are willing to put in the work.

If you don’t plan to stick with it or if you envision this program collecting cyber-dust on your computer rather then being put into real action, I advise you NOT to click the “add to cart” button below and invest into your fitness and health.

Are you ready?? 
Normally $97 Today ONLY $47
Now, I don’t want you to be scared away here as I’m sure you know the importance of hard work (and I KNOW you do), but one of the biggest issues with the idea of “hard work” is that of what’s created from the phony, hyped up programs out there that seem to be coming out every other week, claiming they’ll get you an extreme amount of results quickly and easily without much effort or hard work.

With my professional guidance, I know I can help you do it. You’ve just got to do your part and put in the work. and EARN YOUR RESULTS.

All I’m doing here is being 110% up front and honest with you before you move forward.
You Put In the Work, I Guarantee You'll Get RESULTS.  If NOT, I'll Give You ALL Of Your Hard Earned Money Back...
So we’ve covered a lot of stuff here.

You’ve seen the layout of what you need to do, and how YOU can get the kind of shredded and ripped body with all the raw and insane amounts of strength and conditioning you need in order to push the boundaries of any fitness or physical test that lies in your way...

PLUS, you’ve seen why the Garage Built Body is the fastest, most effective (and affordable) way to transform your entire body, in the shortest amount of time (with workouts that only last 24 minutes or less)…

Now, it’s time to make that decision…

You know there’s ZERO risk on your part and the cost is extremely minimal in regards to all of the results you’re going to be achieving.

So… you can either do nothing and keep on doing the different workouts you’re doing now and wait to see if there’s a better choice that pops up while other guys start their journey towards becoming a “Garage Built Badass”…



$97 —> ONLY $47

You can TAKE ACTION NOW and join me and start getting yourself into the most insane shape that you’ve ever been in, WITHOUT worrying about getting hurt, ever getting bored, or having to spend a ton of time and money in overcrowded and over-priced gym…

…there’s you’re two options and I’m pretty sure that you know exactly which one is the right one for you.

The ball is now in your hands…

Bottom line is I look forward to having you as a “Garage Built BADASS in Training” and watching you transform over time getting stronger, leaner, meaner…

It’s time to discover just what being “Garage Built” is like and with this method of training, you’ll know as soon as you get started.

The time is NOW…
Travis Stoetzel
Creator, The Garage Built Body

PS – Remember, you can’t get this specific type of training anywhere else or with any other program. While there has been a ton of other great and highly effective programs out there, NONE of them have ever been put together with a system like this.

PPS – In just 15 Weeks your going to enjoy the amount of powerful muscle and brute strength you build as well as the newly shredded up and lean body you forge.
Normally $97 Today ONLY $47
NOTE: The Garage Built Body Training System is a series of e-books and videos, and is 100% digitally delivered. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-books and videos on to your computer.
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